• Andrew Gelman Like the blog title says, Statistical Modeling, Causal Inference, and Social Science. All Bayes, All The Time.
  • John Myles White Author of Machine Learning for Hackers, Julia prosyletizer, and all-around smart guy.
  • Drew Conway Author of Machine Learning for Hackers. Mover and shaker in the NYC stats scene. Lover of German Shepherds. Tall.
  • Tim Hopper Tim is into OR and Mathematica™. If you want to know whether you should do a Ph.D. (you shouldn’t), go check out the great series of interviews he’s assembled.
  • Wes McKinney Creator of pandas. Budding data entrepeneur. Part in his hair: impeccable. His blogposts give the recipes for the magic sauce in pandas
  • John Cook Deep thoughts on math, programming, and, you know, life in general. A blogger’s blogger
  • Cosma Shalizi Book reviews, lecture notes, and hollow-tipped, snark-coated mind-bullets fired at statistics, economics, networks, and other topics
  • R Bloggers Like a firehose of R blogs. A lot of great stuff; some not-so-great stuff too

Python projects

  • Anaconda A straightforward Python distro with all your data analysis libraries baked in. It might even cure your Python package-management blues.
  • IPython The console is powerful, sure. But the notebook is a game changer. Either way, IPython makes writing code fun and educational.
  • Pandas Doing data analysis with Python? Not using Pandas? What’s the matter with you?
  • Statsmodels Econometric models in Python. Where to go when you’re fighting off an R relapse. Featuring a great formula interface via Patsy
  • Scikit-learn Machine learning in Python. Great tools, great API, great documentation.
  • PyMC Markov Chain Monte Carlo with all the Pythonic goodness you crave.
  • Pelican Python static site generator. You’re looking at it now.

Economics and Finance

  • Mark Thoma The economics blogoshpere has a miniscule signal-to-noise ratio. Mark filters out the noise so you don’t go crazy.
  • Brad Delong You can never go wrong with the classics. Usually right, and if not, at least wrong in interesting ways.
  • Econbrowser Jim Hamilton and Menzie Chinn providing useful insights into macroeconomic affairs.

Design and Typography

  • Smashing Magazine The place to go for cool web design tips.
  • I Love Typography Neat articles on typography.
  • Practical Typography Matthew Butterick is like a missionary bringing religion to the cannibals. Except instead of cannibals it’s people who underline text and put two spaces after periods. Go here and make your documents look better.
  • Typography for Lawyers The pre-cursor to Practical Typography. The font alternatives section is actually better here, I think. Not just for lawyers.
  • Adobe Kuler Make cool color schemes, save ‘em and share ‘em.
  • Colour Lovers Another great color scheming community.